Old School Skate Jam Weekend - St. Augustine Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old School Skate Jam Weekend - St. Augustine

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 by RyanSUB

The Old School Skate Jam Weekend
Words by Ryan T. Clements
Photos by Michael Derwenko and Brian Schaefer

St. Augustine
It’s nice when you go somewhere and can say, “Man, they sure did this place right!” Treaty Park in St. Augustine is a must-skate…fast, smooth, and free. As I walked through the pro shop into the park, I asked the girl at the counter, “What do I have to do, fill out a waiver?” She replied, “No, nothing.” Right then I knew I was in the right place. There’s one restriction: Helmets Required. But really, that’s not too much to ask, so we all complied. What a great session it was...

This hip is an easy transfer, or else this lien air wouldn’t be possible for Old Man Clements. I told you it was easy, otherwise there’s no way 225-Pounder, Big-Ass Pleshaw could do this frontside air either. Oh my God! Schaefer was ripping it with a big frontside air from tranny to bank. Rumor has it that Schaefer pulled this frontside boardslide first try. Flawless frontside bluntslide courtesy of Giles. This pyramid structure is a bit weird because it has tranny instead of just being banked, but Giles takes full advantage of it with a huge hip ollie.


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