Old School Skate Jam Weekend - Kona Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old School Skate Jam Weekend - Kona

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 by RyanSUB

The Old School Skate Jam Weekend
Words by Ryan T. Clements
Photos by Michael Derwenko and Brian Schaefer

I hadn’t been to Kona since I was 14. We’re talking 14 years ago, but what better reason to go there than for the Florida Old School Skater Jam? Hats off to Kona for putting together a great session. I saw so many heads (some were bald and some were gray) there that it was ridiculous, but to name a few: Veterans Mark Lake, Chuck Dinkins, Paul Schmitt, Cleo Coney, Bruce Walker and the next generation down included the likes of Mike Peterson, Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus, and so many more. It was truly an honor to be there, but can they give the awards out before midnight next year, please? I was tired.

I guess the event was kind of “big time,” because punk-ass Duane Peters was there. This guy went nameless in our little crew all night, but he absolutely, completely destroyed the pool. After seeing a guy like this tear it up on a longboard, we all felt like a bunch of pussies. The legendary Buck Smith with a standard handplant. He’s got to be pushing 40 and seriously still kills it. Believe it or not, the most Brady Bunch of all skate parks, Kona, hired Hooters girls to serve beer on the premises…FOR FREE!!! Need I say more? Clements had to yank an early grab method out of the bowl for ‘old times sake.’ It took balls to skate in this session...there was some ripping going down in the Kona pool.
No $h!t taking here! We were dumbfounded watching the pool session. From left to right: Pleshaw, Clements, and Giles, certified pussies. Lots of stuff to skate at Kona. If it was a contest, Jimmy Marcus would have won. Padless fronstide invert.


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