$80 and Three Hours to a Ledge Spot Article at Skatepark of Tampa

$80 and Three Hours to a Ledge Spot

Posted on Monday, September 17, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The other day, Drunk Aaron and I stayed sober and built a ledge at one of our frequented spots in North Carrollwood in Tampa. We got it done in a few hours and about $80 worth of supplies from Home Depot. It was way easier than I ever thought doing something like this would be. Give it a try sometime. Here's some step by step documentation of our spot creation.

Here's what it took:
  • Calk gun: $3
  • Two tube things of adhesive: $2
  • Bucket to mix concrete: $5
  • Three, 80lb bags of concrete: $3 each
  • Piece of angle iron: $20
  • Nine, 4x8x16 cinder blocks: $2 each
  • Nine, 8x8x16 cinder blocks: $2 each
  • Water and something to mix with: $5
Don't bother asking for directions or leaving details about the spot in the comments. Those get deleted and never make it on to the site.


Drunk Aaron and I met up a little after 8pm and headed over to Home Depot, got a quick lesson in concrete mixing by reading the instructions on the bag, piled up some bricks, and grabbed some angle iron...

How do you mix concrete? I don't know, I'm a computer nerd, not a blue collar bandit. Let's just buy a rake. I think that'll work. Oh yeah, you need water for that stuff, too

It's about 9pm now and our supplies are laid out and the blue collar labor is about to begin

The rake worked, but it was pretty tough mixing that stuff. We had to do it in shifts. My soft hands wish they could go back to the keyboard right now

We bought enough cinder blocks to go the lengh of the piece of angle iron we built, then filled them with the concrete after laying them down in the best spot for hitting it both frontside and backside

We picked solid blocks for the top and laid them in the opposite direction as the base to give it a little more stability. There's some kind of liquid nails adhesive stuff we bought in between all the bricks

It's not so fun working while the Florida State Birds suck blood out of your back

The last step is to glue the angle iron on and let it sit overnight before touching it. It's now just after 11pm and we're all done with this two man job. A new spot is born

Hopefully this spot lasts. That's DMFP on a backside 180 nosegrind

The Garbageman has a fakie trash slide for you

Here's another version of the DMFP backside 180 nosegrind. I'm messing around with my remote flashes here



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