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Rob Meronek

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2002 by Employee

Rob Meronek
Nicknames that you know about? Ragin' Asian and probably a whole bunch others I don't know about
Start skating? 1986 - holy crap I'm old and it sucks
Started working at SPoT? Part time since the beginning, full time since January 2001
Your message to the world Support my website habit.
What's your job at the Park? Whatever they need me to do.

Favorite Products
Deck Baker
Wheels Spitfire
Trucks Venture
Bearings Bones
Hardware The cheap stuff works fine.
Grip Jessup
Shoes DVS, Lakai
Video Super Troopers
Watch My computer has a clock - that's all I need.
Magazine Just go to the News Watcher page.
Snack Bar Food Pizza of course, Cup Noodles except we have no damn chop stix here, Mt. Dew wake up call for late nights and early work days. Getting fat sucks.

Other Gear, Stuff, Websites, Whatever, etc.
The Damn Am Series
Gossip Tracker

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