Tampa Pro 2008 Chill Time Day One Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2008 Chill Time Day One

Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
The SPoT and Nike SB staff were at the Cuban Club all week long setting up for the Heritage Art Show
The trophies are so heavy you can't pick it up with one hand without dropping them. I want one. Remember when we saw the prototype?
Frazier and the judges had a ten minute discussion regarding the comments on the vert funeral photo. Thanks for the laughs
Are wrist tats the new tramp stamp? Filmer Sara and Scott from Dakine hope not
Joey Brezinski is making that face because he's getting poked by The Senator. Not with his hand either
Nick Matlin, champ of the TM and Industry VIP Contest, Tyrone from LRG (thanks for sending me the box of dope ass gear), and Blair from Transworld. We all got punished by the sauce at The Castle
The Black Label is in The Castle - Lance Conklin and Shuriken Shannon along with Postal Michelle and Filmer Sara
Jessica's butt cheeks entertained us all night. DJ Wade, Filmer Sara, and Justin Brock enjoy looking at this a lot more than The Senator
Who's getting a lap dance right now? I can't remember. They probably don't remember either
Ashley, The Senator, Filmer Sara, and the rest of Jessica's body parts
I know who's getting this lap dance. That's Justin Williams. We have to wake up in a few hours and skate the Team Manager / Industry VIP Contest. Maybe we should stop drinking and go home? Nah, one more dance please
The Red Bull girls had a full crew during the Tampa Am Vert Contest
This one's worth a zoom in. I'll take a Red Head instead of a Red Bull, please
Dittrich Benjamin brought a note with a hug for Dirty Bird all the way from Germany. That was our girl Miriam from the Rotterdam contest
The Heritage Art Show had some amazing things from skateboarding history including the Blind graphic "Skull and Banana." They were making fun of the Powell "Skull and Sword" graphic
The Heritage Show is amazing. It's open for one more night on Saturday night at the Cuban Club in Ybor City
What's a night without a foot fetish photo?
Tony Trujillo - thanks for showing up. Tony goes straight to the Semi-Finals on Sunday because he won Tampa Pro in the past
Omar Salazar has thumbs down on broken bones. He still skated today, though
Looks like Justin Williams' lap dance is still going on. This is Ashley. When she saw me walking down the street, she ran up to me, lifted her dress up and put it over my head. Wastoid status


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