Chill Cam Dump: A Typical Tampa Weekend Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Cam Dump: A Typical Tampa Weekend

Posted on Monday, March 31, 2008 by Rob

by Rob Meronek

There's literally no tranny at this park. Aaron still has a pivot fakie, though
My bag of tricks has a huge hole it in. This one fell out of it years ago. Pat Stiener has it on lock
Pat Stiener - frontside pop shuv, popped like bubble gum
Jeff Lenoce - frontside feeble
Wow, people still have those rollerblade things, huh? That's Josh Stewart up there doing the balancing act
While trying the pivot fakie, Aaron squeezed in a little break dancing. Sick windmill, man
There are lights at the St. Pete park. That's the ghost of Drinker Pat
Worst run-up ever at the Harsh Columbus Bump
Clements is all about the wrist tramp stamp
Skating's done and now I'm soiling my liver with Valrico Kevin at the New World. Kevin can almost pass for Chris Haslam with a short beard. Here in Florida, the smaller your town is, the more people get tattoos of it
Congratulations Matt Giles for getting a raise and being added to our health insurance here at the Park. Uncongratulations on getting fired right after that during Tampa Pro because you blew off work to get this ink done. Welcome to the Florida work ethic
So I accidentally walked into a gay club on Friday night in Ybor. It's not that hard to do, especially if you're not rolling with your average crew to the same old spots. This dude was dancing on stage so I thought I'd shoot a photo for the ladies on the site of this pretty, pretty boy toy. He grabbed my hand and put it up against his balls right when this photo was snapped - yikes. Pretty lame homosexual move
Check Porpe's new work in his living room done with spray paint. Porpe is the latest resident of the ghetto house down the street from the Park
Welcome to Florida
That's Jimmy, planner of king sized parties in Tampa. His brother was doing some live art at the Cuban Club this weekend for an art show that was going on there. If I keep going to all these art shows, maybe one day I'll be sophisticated
Gonzo Bacchio did another show on Saturday night. I like these guys more and more every time I see them. They like to hang out shirtless. I'm just trying to fit in
This is the only thing I accomplished all damn day on Sunday. What a loser
Look what's hanging from the roof at The Hub now. They light those shots on fire


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