Spring Roll 2008 All Ages Contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2008 All Ages Contest

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

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The 8 and Under Division is always an interesting one. Some kids can ollie the stairs
Then there are other kids in 8 and Under that just tic tac and throw down dance moves. Yes, this kid had dance moves in his run. Good times
When you're eight-years-old, does your mom still dress you or do you pick out your own gear? Julluis Jimenez always has the all black Tampa kit on. No little kid Garanimals clothes in this tyke's closet
Alejandro Burnell has a Chris Haslam move. He's nine and down with the Garanimals little kid gear
Who dat? 360 flip
That's the 8 and Under winners. Julluis has an AC/DC shirt on? Did he pick that out or is the coolness of the mom being passed down to the kid? Garanimals for the other two tykes
There was a Girls' Division this time. Who dat?
Laura Fong-Yee - half cab contest make
There's also a Girls' Division in the product toss. I was disappointed to see no hair pulling for this deck
I need to skate at the Park more. I don't know who anyone is. Who dat? Inward heelflip
CJ Dixon won the Sponsored Division. Nice frontside big spin
I remember when Jeremy Knibbs was all about the Garanimals. He's all grow'd up now and killing it with style
Cliff diver - take a poop
Bong Gause is poppin' a collar because he won the 9 to 12 Division
Noelle Scope shakka'd her way to first in the Girls Division
Who dat? Front feeble
All this Mongolian BBQ is making me hungry. That one kid on the bottom is like 30-years-old and pusing mongo like an old vert skater
Johnny Scianneaux won the 13 to 15 Division with his eyes closed
Randy Tepper's salad grind is going to be his default MySpace photo
If I ever see Anthony Henderson without a helmet on, I probably won't recognize him. That's a back lip
Ryan Burns - back lip
Mike Espinosa - switch inward heel
Who dat? Kickflip frontside boardslide
Who dat? Backside lipslide
Jacob Portillo - lipslide
Yonnis - nollie back heel contest make
Jacob Portillo - backside big spin
This kid stopped me and said, "Hey man, let me be in a chill shot."
Anthony Henderson - back smith
The 16 and Up winners
That's the Sponsored Division winners and this day is finally over. See you at the next one. Sign up at least three weeks ahead of time and you won't get denied entry. We won't be doing any last minute adds on the next one


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