Photos Taken by Andrew Garrett Skate Photographer Profile at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos Taken by Andrew Garrett

Kyle Nicholson from Reading,, PA

Type: Full Page, Advertisement
Frontside boardslide on a 3 stair ledge for a Kontrol wheels ad.

Corey Duffel from Walnut Creek, CA

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Frontside 180 over a handicapped rail for the Question Authority feature.

Chris Mathis from Media, PA

Type: Half Page, Editorial
Gap to crook popover on a flat gap to flat rail for the Skater's Eye feature.

Kyle Knoblauch from ,

Type: Half Page, Editorial
Nosebonk on a pole for the Skater's Eye feature.

Nick Merlino from Atlantic City, NJ

Type: Two Page, Editorial
Switch backside 360 ollie sequence down a 13 stair set for the Focus feature.

Ian Duffy from ,

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Gap ollie into a hubba for the Focused Contest article.