Photos Taken by Damian Skate Photographer Profile at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos Taken by Damian

Samu Karvonen from Helsinki, Finland

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Fakie ollie in a full pipe for the Initial Remarks feature.

Florentin Marfaing from Germany,

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Nollie frontside 50-50 sequence on a 9 stair hubba for the Greece article.

Gianni Gekopoulos from , Greece

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Backside heel flip down a five flat four for the Greece article.

Leo Romero from Fontana,, CA

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Frontside lipslide on a 14 stair hubba/rail for the Greece article.

Phillip Wagstaff from Houston, TX

Type: Full Page, Advertisement
Crooked grind a rail for a South Shore ad.