AmsterDamn Am Presented by Volcom Event Details

AmsterDamn Am Presented by Volcom

There's a live webcast this weekend of Volcom's AmsterDamn Am at Volcom If you're in Tampa, go to The Bricks in Ybor to watch while Durke and Seamus share skateboard banter and sauce with you. If you're here in Amsterdam, join us Saturday night for Nihilist at Lanx. The full details on the Contest format and schedule are here:

Good skateboarding, bad gear, new friends, old friends, smokers, sauce at the park, and more. Yep, it's almost time for AmsterDamn Am 2010 presented by Volcom. Volcom has been backing it since day one. See you and your spliffs there on July 9 - 11, 2010. Here are some highlights from last year. I spy Dirty Bird.

Directions: Fly to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. (AMS) Take the train from the station inside to the airport to Centraal Station. (about 15 minutes and 4 euros.) Once at the station, exit the rear doors of the station and head towards the water. Once you arrive at the only street, go left and walk down to where the blue ferryboats are. The boats are free and you will want to take the last boat on the left, next to the benches. Once arriving on the other side, the skatepark is straight ahead and to the right, in the old industrial area (shipyard). -Hotels in Amsterdam tend to be expensive and hard to find at the last minute. If you are planning on coming, take a look at and get a leg up on reserving a room! Generally you will want to be in or around the Centraal Station, if not be aware when you make the reservation, verify the location of the hotel, otherwise it could be a big surprise! There is a Botel (Boat+Hotel=Botel) right next to the park if you want to stay right there. -KLM and Transavia are both Dutch airline companies who have many flights in and out per day to most countries.

We usually stay at this hotel: Avenue Hotel. It has free wireless, but breakfast is expensive. Everyone takes the ferry to the Contest site at Skatepark Amsterdam. Full details coming soon. Damn Am is a top am Contest where the top 12 get a spot in Tampa Am 2010. If you don't have a team manager from a legitimate company to put you in the Contest, you can send video footage to to see if you're skating good enough to get a spot. Sometimes, even if you're ripping, there simply isn't enough room. Thanks in advance for working with us and understanding about spots being so tight.

About Damn Am:

The Damn Am Series was created by Brian Schaefer and Rob Meronek as they noticed that there was a need to bring the Tampa-style am contests to skateboarders outside of Tampa. If you can't get into Tampa Am directly through your sponsor, entering a Damn Am is the only official way to qualify for Tampa Am. Basically, the “flavor" of the Tampa Contests is taken to locations around the country and Europe, too.

The first Damn Am started in 2001 at the Volcom Warehouse in Costa Mesa, CA and has been going strong ever since. The success of that event led the inception of the Minnesota Damn Am, taking place every June at 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis, MN, which has been running strong since 2003. In 2006, Volcom decided to help us take the Damn Am Series over the pond and the AmsterDamn Am was born and has been etched into the schedule as a yearly event.

The top 12 finalists at all Damn Am events get an automatic spot in Tampa Am, with the first two places getting thrown right into the Semi-Finals.

In addition to a damn fun time, the Damn Ams have assisted with many ams getting noticed on their way to professional careers. To say that most of today’s top pros have skated in a Damn Am Contest is not a stretch of the truth at all. In fact, with most of the industry watching at these events, it’s not difficult at all for a stand-out skater to pick up a new sponsor and gain some notoriety.