Coastal Carnage Presented by Converse Event Details

Coastal Carnage Presented by Converse

Coastal Carnage is an invite only Bowl Jam with a $75,000 purse.

Thursday, August 5th: 12pm-7pm - Practice
Friday, August 6th: 12pm-4pm - Practice & Registration
Saturday, August 7th: 12pm-4pm - Qualifiers
Sunday, August 8th: 3pm-4pm - Finals, Best Trick, & Awards

Prize Purse
  1. $15,000
  2. $12,000
  3. $8,000
  4. $7,000
  5. $5,000
  6. $4,000
  7. $2,500
  8. $2,000
  9. $1,500
  10. $1,200
  11. $1,100
  12. $1,000
Best Trick
  1. $2,000
  2. $1,500
  3. $1,200
  4. $1,000
  5. $1,000
Random Cash for Tricks: $3,000
Cash for Honorable Mentions: $5,000
Total Cash: $75,000

Confirmed Skaters So Far From the Invite List

Aaron Homoki aka Jaws from Phoenix, AZ

Industrial Ride Shop, Birdhouse, Ipath, Bones Wheels, Indy

Adam Alfaro from Whittier, CA

Black Label, Independent, IPath, Veece, Beach Bums

Adrian Mallory from San Diego, CA

Creature, Vox, Krux, Pig Wheels

Andrew Langi from Redwood City, CA

Flip, Force Trucks, Skate Works, LRG, Dakine, Vans, Bones Wheels, Diamond Supply Co., Elm Hats

Anthony Schultz from Carlsbad, CA

Adio, Innes, Slave, Asylum Skateshop, Spitfire, Thunder

Ben Schroeder from Monrovia, CA

Vans, Pocket Pistols, Navigator Trucks, Bones, Sessions, Salon Pas, Ocean & Earth

Ben Raybourn from Houston, TX

1031 Skateboards, LandShark Wheels, Innes, IPath, Independent, Southside Skatepark

Brandon Perelson from San Diego, CA

Route 44 Skateshop, Scum Boards, Dropout Wheels

Corbin Harris from ,

Curren Caples from Ventura, CA

Flip, Indy, Bones, Hurley, Vans, Red Bull

Danny Dicola from Encinitas, CA

iPath, Slave (flow), Surf Ride

David Loy from Santa Ana, CA

Birdhouse, Converse, ERGO, Thunder, Active, Spitfire,, Skatelab, 8=D

Div Adams from , Scotland


Eric Koston from Hollywood, CA

Girl, Four Star, Independent, Spitfire, Diamond, Nike SB,, Oakley, Jessup

Josh Borden from Orange, CA

Vans, Active, Indy, Pro-Tec

Kyle Berard from Virginia Beach, VA

Ace Trucks, Cardinal Skate Shop, Dakine, Lost, Consolidated, OJ Wheels

Neal Mims from Jacksonville, FL

Independent, Pacific Drive, Bones

Nolan Johnson from Seattle, WA

House of Kasai, WELCOME, Ace Trucks, Volcom, Broadcast Wheels

Omar Hassan from Costa Mesa, CA

Black Label, Independent Trucks, Vans, Quiksilver, Ford, Black Flys

Rune Glifberg from Copenhagen,

Flip, Volcom, Indy, Ricta, Mob, Converse, Oakley, Rockstar, Utility Board Shop

Ryan Reyes from Costa Mesa, CA

Black Label skates (flow), innes clothing (flow), ipath footwear(flow), Destructo trucks (flow), Bones wheels (flow)

Shawn Hale from Joplin, Missouri

Ergo, Birdhouse, Vox (flow), Indy (flow), Active

Tony Miorana from ,


Tony Trujillo from San Francisco, CA

Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Independent, Vans, Fourstar