DC King of Montreal Event Details

DC King of Montreal

This is a one day event on Saturday.


DC's Press Release:



August 10, 2010 – MONTRÉAL, QC — On August 21, Le Taz Skatepark will play host to the DC King of Montréal, the biggest cash purse amateur contest in Canada. The decision to hold this global grassroots contest inside Montréal allowed us to partnered with Gatorade, Push.ca and Color Magazine to donate back to Canadian skateboarding with a chance to win over $10,000 Cash in one single day.

A win at this contest will give undiscovered street skaters more than just their local city's respect. For the past 7 years, the DC Nationals City Qualifiers have stayed committed to supporting grassroots skateboarding by holding regional contests across Canada. Last year DC raised the bar on Canadian contests by flying the winners of the Regional DC Nationals events out to the King of Vancouver for a chance to compete for $10,000 cash.

Although this one of a kind skateboard contest is normally known for being held at infamous street skate spots across the world, things are going to run a little differently inside Montréal. For 2010, DC has yet again raised the bar for amateur skateboards across Canada by flying regional winners out to the KOM, increasing the cash purse, and most of all, building one-of-a-kind skate obstacles that will remain at Le Taz for future use. These custom-built obstacles are created exclusively for this event and are inspired by two of Montréal's most iconic skates pots: Pointe-à-Callière and Peace Park.

“Not being able to do the event in the streets really forced us to bring creativity to the table. With amateur skaters competing for a chance to take part in Canada's largest am contest, we had to give them something other then a regular skatepark to look forward to. Wait until you see how close these obstacles are to the real thing!” - Mike Scott, Canadian Marketing Manager, DC Shoes

“In addition, KOM skaters will also be eligible to receive a SHAZAM article in Color Magazine, where they will be partnered with some of the best photographers and writers in the industry. “SHAZAM is a great opportunity for those skaters who have never had the chance to be in a national magazine”
- Trevn Sharp, Canadian Skate Team Manager, DC Shoes

With the replica obstacles now under construction for the King of Montréal, DC, Push.ca, Gatorade, Color Magazine and Le Taz Skatepark would like to welcome Canada's best skateboarders to compete in a jam format contest like none other.