Step Into Pizzanista With Merge4 Socks
MERGE4 has collaborated with Salman Agah on a new pair of socks that feature a collection of Pizzanista’s iconic logo boosts from all your favorite skate brands. The Pizzanista! sock features . . .  combed cotton, a terry loped foot, self-adjusting welt cuff, reinforced heel and toe, and elastic arch support, this awesome y-heel sock […]
Ah, Mammoth In The Spring Time
If you don’t know, then let Torstein Horgmo and Craig Gouweloos explain it to you. [Link via TGR]
A New Wave Garden In Oceanside, California?
Developers in San Diego, California (home to some of the best surf in the world) have announced plans to turn an old drive-in movie theatre turned swap-meet into a Wave Garden surfing pool. Yes, it’s a 15 minute bike ride to the Oceanside Pier, yes, it’s a 35 minute drive to Trestles, but developers are […]
Plug Pulled on Dirk Ziff’s Palm Beach Pond
You might expect someone who inherited a massive fortune to be more frivolous with their money, you know, like blowing it on fringe sporting leagues, or building surf ponds on hot, dusty Central Californian farm land, but not the backer of a certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production (mostly […]
This Month’s News List Today
This is the list of the news stories we didn’t have time to read, comment on, and/or pass on to you in a more visually pleasing format. Follow the link and enjoy! If you read something you like, leave a comment. It’s certainly okay to speak your mind every now and again. Skateboarding The legacy […]
Must-have New Product Spotlight
Today we’re highlighting an amazingly bland new product you don’t need, from a company we don’t like because, well, we got a press release from said company and putting up a press release is far easier than creating original content especially when all we’re interested in doing is fooling Google Ads into thinking we’re still […]
Kelly Slater (and Hamster) On Natural High
Kelly Slater talks about how nothing good comes from using drugs and alcohol. Oddly, the hamster perched lightly on his right shoulder doesn’t say a whole lot. It, like us, must be in total agreement with everything Mr. Slater says. [Link: Natural High]
SI Joins Salter’s Zombie Brand Portfolio
It’s official, Jamie Slater and his Authentic Brands Group of zombie brands (which now include Volcom, Airwalk, Vision Street Wear, and 47 others) has purchased the softcore skin and sports magazine brand Sports Illustrated from Meredith Corp for $110 million dollars, according to a story on  Under terms of the deal, Authentic Brands acquires […]
RIP: Jason “J2” Rasmus
We were saddened to learn that pro snowboarder and all-around smile maker Jason “J2” Rasmus died surrounded by family and friends on May 26, 2019 following a battle with cancer. He was 46. Designer Aaron Draplin visited him near the end and offered up many good words about Tooz’s life and times. Here are a […]
Kanoa Gets His Own G-Shock
<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> A solid, affordable, good looking tide watch is hard to come by in these time of massively clunky GPS fitness watches, but Casio has one and it’s a G-Shock — Kanoa Igarashi’s G-Shock in fact. The new watch is based on the G-LIDE GLX5600 […]