411 Video Productions Tampa Pro 2003 DVD in stock at SPoT Skate Shop

411 Video Productions Tampa Pro 2003 DVD

Tampa Pro 2003 DVD is finally here. There is a reason that professional skateboarders flock to Columbus Drive in Tampa every spring, and it's certainly not for the nice neighborhood. It's for a contest where spectators intermingle with the pros; where pros that rarely enter contests choose to skate. Sorry, but there are no points, no security guards, and damn near no rules. If you've never been, this video is the closest you can possibly get to the atmosphere of the most legit contest in skateboarding. You can chill in the parking lot with your favorite industry heads, or you can watch Tony Trujillo put together some of the best lines ever done on a street course. Witness newcomers, Jereme Rogers and Paul Rodriguez, technically tear apart the flat bars and ledges and a vert best trick contest worth remembering. Enjoy the celebration of victory and the dissatisfaction of defeat. It's the skateboarders' contest and a video for skateboarders. Welcome to the 9th Annual Tampa Pro, courtesy of DVS, Shorty's, Quiksilver, and 411VM. Bonus DVD footage includes: -Austin's 3rd Place Run -Rodil's 2nd Place Run -Tony's 1st Place Run -Betting Pool -Super 8 Montage -Austin's Upset -Contest Montage -Boxing Montage -Party Montage
Sorry, this product is currently not in stock. Below are colors we've previously had. Email info@skateparkoftampa.com with any questions.

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