What's a Blunt? | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

What's a Blunt?

Not sure what to expect? Let me call your night for you: It'll be more like 5, not 100. Someone will puke. Body will be shirtless by midnight. So will half of Gonzo Boccio. You will lose at least $20 to me in a dice game in the corner. What beer? Bring your own. You will have to check ID like a bouncer for all girls that you talk to. The ratio is going to suck. It's not a mansion. At least five people will ask me for something I don't have any of. Sorry. Good morning on the lawn for a few die hard all nighters. Good times. Would you want it any other way? Don't know the address? Well maybe you shouldn't be there
What's a Blunt?


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