Copenhagen Pro 2009 Phil Zwijsen | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Copenhagen Pro 2009 Phil Zwijsen

Copenhagen Pro 2009 Weekend
Ever heard of the Euro Lutzka, Phil Zwijsen? Apparently he won a contest recently called "European Skateboard Championships." I looked at the results and it should have been called, "Ams You've Sort of Heard of But Definitely too Early to Go Pro Championships." I wasn't going to let him enter this pro contest and make what, in my opinion, is a bad career move, but Phil and his sponsor Carhartt insisted that he's pro and he should enter. No more am contests for Phil. You think anyone's going to buy his deck from the skate shop wall? Hopefully in Europe, I guess. This is a frontside 360
Copenhagen Pro 2009 Phil Zwijsen


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