Oscar Gronbaek | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Oscar Gronbaek

Copenhagen Pro 2009 Weekend
Hot coals up the butt wasn't as shocking as Oscar Gronbaek's unnatrual fetish for benihannas. Yes, he took the worst trick in skateboarding and did it over this electrical box, did it fakie down the stair set, and then did it out of a manual on this box, too. Besides the bad trick selection, he rips, but in my personal opinion, he blew it by entering a pro contest. I wasn't going to let him enter because he has no history of entering am contests, no board with his name on it out there, the biggest skate nerds in skateboarding have never heard of him yet, no kids know who he his, etc. However, I had to give in to some pressure and he was allowed to enter. I had to write a whole separate story on that here. Going for the instant, overnight skateboard superstardom by entering and attempting to win some contest is not the way to a long skateboard career, in my opinion. Sucks because Oscar is a super nice dude. He's just going about things the wrong way, in my opinion
Oscar Gronbaek


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