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Rob Meronek: Photo in the Smithsonian

History and English were my hardest subjects growing up. I literally could not stay focused on any of that. Math came easy so the A's I got there balanced out the C's and D's I got in the rest of my classes which kept me floating all the way through junior high, high school, and college. One thing I do remember from those years is that there is something about the Smithsonian and the artifacts that are in there. If it's something cool or important ranging anywhere from a rare coin to an old movie prop, it goes in the Smithsonian. Even as a little kid, I realized it was the museum of all museums. I didn't even know it was in Washington DC until about six months ago when someone from there emailed me asking about using a photo for this Tony Hawk display they were creating. Today I stopped by to visit and found my photo with Tony Hawk's board. I will never feel like I know enough to be calling myself a legit photographer, but today, I'm feeling pretty legit. I got a photo in the Smithsonian. Wow.
Rob Meronek: Photo in the Smithsonian


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