Chris Gentry - kickflip indy | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Chris Gentry - kickflip indy

Dew Action Sports Tour – Playstation Pro Vert
Hmm, should I say my joke on this one to make a few of you hopefully get a bit of a laugh or just keep it to myself so easily offended people don't get hot on me? I like people with a sense of humor so I'm going to go ahead and say what I think is funny. It's great that we have goonie vert skaters that wear jerseys with their own name on it. We need people like Chris Gentry in the industry. It makes us street skaters look way cooler. That's just my opinion and a joke at the same time. If you're getting angry because I made fun of someone, you need to look in the mirror and smack yourself. It's just skateboarding. Don't take it too seriously. Oh and this trick is a kickflip indy
Chris Gentry - kickflip indy


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