Johan Stuckey Media Coverage and Skater Profile

Johan Stuckey Media Coverage

Johan Stuckey Photo Sponsors: WKND Skateboards, HUF, CCS
Hometown: Vero Beach, FL
Stance: Goofy, Age: 30, Status: Pro

Last Update: Thursday, February 15, 2018

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Johan Stuckey Mag Coverage

Transworld Magazine - October 2012
Full Page, Editorial: Nosegrind pop out on a 3 block handrail for the Check Out section. Photo by Jon Coulthard
Thrasher Magazine - February 2013
Two Page, Advertisement: Front lip on a handicap bar for a Comune ad. Photo by Jon Coulthard
Transworld Magazine - June 2012
Full Page, Editorial: Backside lipslide on a bump to ledge for the Rooftop Renegades article. Photo by Jon Coulthard
Slap Magazine - August 2007
Full Page, Advertisement: Kickflip frontside nosegrind sequence on a six stair set hubba for a Yellow ad. Photo by Unknown
Skateboarder Magazine - March 2007
Full Page, Editorial: Gap to frontside nosegrind sequence on a downledge for the Who's Hot feature. Photo by Michael Little