More Sharing Of My Email Post at Skatepark of Tampa

More Sharing Of My Email

I sent/replied to about 100 emails today. Standard stuff, but one of them I can't publish but just wanted to mention was an email from some random pissed woman stating,
"I wanted to inform you that recently there have been serious charges filed against XXXXX for Surreptitious Photography with the XXXXX Police Department. He has been videotaping young girls in the restroom and showers at his residence! This is a Class 5 Felony and hopefully justice will be served and he will go to prison for his perverse behavior."
Yikes. You can find that on the internet for free, you know. Not sure what she's asking me to do, but the skater in question is a ripping Am and hopefully that's not true. In a separate email, someone sent me one that had the word "stoked" in one paragraph three times. The name of their website had the word "stoke" in it also. So stoked, brah. It's another day in the sketchy skateboard industry. The Clem-350 is on it's way back from another Make-A-Wish Jam in Texas. Coverage of that is coming up tomorrow.
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