A Bid'niss Public Service Announcement Post at Skatepark of Tampa

A Bid'niss Public Service Announcement

If you have a skateboard company and you want to sell more stuff in shops, hook up the shop employees. When Little Timmy walks into the skate shop and asks "What boards are good?" you want that shop employee to push your company. As I mentioned last year in this article,
"From 2004 to 2005, sales of Zoo York boards quadrupled in the Shop. That mostly can be attributed to one thing: Robbie Kirkland worked the Shop and got flowed from Zoo. He was constantly pushing Zoo boards. In early 2006 when Robbie joined the FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club), Zoo York boards went on a steady decline and never recovered."
Several months ago, Tean Manager and Marketing Mastermind at Element, Ryan Dewitt, took notice of this and started SPoT Skate Shop employee Wizard Smoke on the Element flowgram. Here's how things have changed. From the first half of 2009 to the second half of 2009, Element deck sales increased 115%, causing Element to go from the 25th best selling board company in our Shop to the 14th spot for the second half of 2009. Wizard Smoke is there in the Shop everyday with kids who skateevery day and also teaches Lessons. Switch flipping double sets is not the only way to sell skateboards. If your boards are in our Shop, figure out who you can put on flow next time we place an order with you.

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