Sorry I Missed the Cactus Adventure Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Sorry I Missed the Cactus Adventure

Someone sported wacky gear - check. Girls on the sk8r boi prowl - check. Flights near missed - check. Clever references to illegal substances - check. Ripping tricks you can't do - check. Party photos - uncheck? Yep, it was another skateboard shindig. This one was put on by our friends Laura and Trent at Cowtown. While I was floating in the sea somewhere last weekend, Porpe was at Phoenix Am with camera in hand: Phoenix Am 2010. Honestly, given Porpe's track record on the road, I would not have been surprised if the camera I loaned him never made it back. He did a pretty good job and everything came back in one piece, but it looks like he rolled to the party without it. Probably a good move. Porpe is a fan of that 140 characters thing as you'll see in his not once, but three times of username dropping (follow him).
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