Public Service Announcement Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Public Service Announcement

If you're one of those that say you're "flow" on companies that don't even have a difference between flow and people on their already struggling "real" team, well, you need to stop that. Thank you. No one is "flow" for busted crap like LOL OMG Sk8BoArdZ. Have some standards for yourself and don't just take whatever you can get. Many times, taking whatever you can get puts you in a worse position than you were if you're looking to get any kind of respect in skateboarding. You're better off flipping burgers to pay for boards and holding out for what's good. It will come if you deserve it. Anyway, a good place to start with getting on flow from legit companies is this Gear4aYear Contest. You have until October 15th to submit footage and quit frontin' with LOL OMG. You also have a chance to win a Tampa Am spot. Details are here:

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