Pencil Pushing Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Pencil Pushing

Let's take a break from the wood pushing and do some pencil pushing. I'm taking you to the boardroom, and by that I definitely don't mean skateboard. The boardroom is where your dad looks at charts and graphs and numbers and Blackberrys. Here's a high level look at some of our numbers. How has your bid'niss fared last decade? Ours took some dips like everyone else, but in the last year, things seem to be almost on the growth track again. First, let's take a look at the number of skaters by month since 2002. The actual numbers are not on any of these charts. All I can show you is the trends, no numbers. It's like we're pushing pencils mongo. As you can see, throughout most of 2005 and 2006, the number of skaters was on a steady decline. Things started to turn around in 2007. Think back to that year and consider what may have either got people back into skating or started more people skating to begin with. I think I remember the life of a certain kid being aired on that one channel. Hmm. Next, let's take a look at sales both online and in the Shop by month. I started the online store in late 2002 and it's slowly grown to be about half of our sales here. For every year, we generally have the same spikes. Christmas of course and in summer when back to school starts are our busy months. Over the years, the patterns are the same, but have generally all been on a steady decline since 2005 with things appearing to start to turn around in 2010. Finally, let's take a look at margins just during the Christmas shopping months. Margins are what's left from sales after you deduct the cost of what you sold. This is important because it's all a business has to pay its bills with. Ask your dad for further explanation. Margins during Christmas shopping are down for a few reasons. The main one of course is that overall sales are down and our prices are down. All those huge sales we have in November and December really chip away at what's left to pay the bills with. Okay, that's it from the boardroom. Cease pencil pushing and commence wood pushing. Thank you.
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