Unlive Webcast Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Unlive Webcast

Thanks to everyone that tuned in to the Tampa Pro live webcast. You can check out the replay of Best Trick here. The rest is a little long and needs to be chopped down. If you're wondering who else was on the skateboard couch watching with you, here are some stats.
  • Nearly a million total minutes were streamed.
  • The feed was requested 515,075 times with eight out of 10 people watching in HD.
  • The total streams was 66,596 uniques. Seen how magazines make up this "pass along rate" thing? So they print like 1,000 copies and make up a number of say like 500 and call that the "pass along rate." So, they say 1,000 X 500 pass along rate = 500,000 readers. Wow. So, for the webcast, I'd say the "homies creepin' over the shoulder rate" is probably about 15. So you take 15 X 66,596 and you get about ONE MILLION people watching the webcast. Yep, I'm sticking with that number. Marketing magic + creative accounting = bangin' bid'niss. So, you wanna buy a commercial for 2012?
  • 6.6 terabytes of data were streamed. That's nearly five million floppy discs for ya'll in the 40+ range. See you there soon.
  • At one point there was as many as 3,327 people watching at the same time. Did you hear that? It was all of their jaws hitting the floor after Dennis' run.
  • The average minutes per viewer was nearly an hour at 49.8 minutes. Our friend Brian at Auxiliary Channel who did the webcast said he's never seen anything over 25 minutes. The internet has a short attention span, but not when they're waiting for Dennis Busenitz to blaze trails through the street course.
  • Viewership in the US was only 17% of the population viewing. When I turned on the live chat next to the feed and saw it explode with Spanish and Portuguese, that became obvious. Brazil was a close second with 14.93% of the viewers followed by Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain with about 7% of the total.
Here's the Best Trick replay:
Know what a Grizzly Flip is? That's what Torey did to win the Silver Best Trick at Tampa Pro this year. This is the entire 30+ minutes as seen on the live webcast. Silver Best Trick results ended up being Torey Pudwill with the Grizzly Flip in 1st, Rodrigo Leal in 2nd with a 360 flip backside nosegrind, and Chaz Ortiz in 3rd with a 360 flip noseslide 270 shuvs out. There is plenty of other damn good skateboarding in all this chaos.
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