I Keep Getting Older and the Skateboarding Just Stays the Same Post at Skatepark of Tampa

I Keep Getting Older and the Skateboarding Just Stays the Same

There are some million dollar skateboard contests we're working on this year. They will be live on TV. They will have moms, dads, people who "used to skate," and people who know who "Tommy Hawk" is. There will be some real skateboarders there, too, of course. But still, they're big time, big deals that go with what a part of skateboarding has become these days. I don't have a problem with that because the key words there are part of skateboarding. The other part of skateboarding that's in dirty streets and crusty skateboard huts like ours is what will never change and always be my favorite. Our long time toothless friend and rolling hillbilly, Jona, has a hut just like SPoT up in Atlanta where we decided to have our first of many zero dollar, zero TV time, basic ass skateboard shindigs. It's the Damn Am and I can't wait for it. There are nearly 100 people on the list to skate this first one including Ishod Wair who just signed up. Oh well, there's always second to shoot for. Plus it's not just the Contest, of course. I will always have a soft spot for these raw skateboarding events because it's where I met my lifelong skateboarding friends who turned into my lifelong skateboarding partners where we all ended up with the best job you could ever dream up out of thin air. See you at Damn Am Atlanta, past and future friends. Check out this promo Colin Clark put together.
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