Can We Bring Out the Dirty Laundry Again? Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Can We Bring Out the Dirty Laundry Again?

Lots of skate companies today are owned by skateboarders. It's no secret and it's obvious to tell which ones are and aren't if you have any clue about skateboarding. Problem is, most of those skateboarders have done grow'd up, and I think it makes for a little bit of skateboarding these days being a bit boring. I've been around it for 25 years or something now and I still love it as much as I always have of course, but something just seems to be in a creative and inovative lull lately. Let's go back to a time when skateboard companies publicly feuded and took out ads with rival company pros taking it in the butt. Yep, former pro and current SPoT Productions head judge Jason Rothmeyer has the full story of how he ended up in the mags being Hersey highwayed. Thanks Chrome Ball for another good one. Can some skateboard company owners please ungrow up a little and get back to our 20's before we reach our 50's? Thanks.
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