Tony Hawk: SPoT ''20'' Year Experience - Episode 9 Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Tony Hawk: SPoT ''20'' Year Experience - Episode 9

In the early 90's, Tony Hawk found one of the only vert sessions in existence happening in Tampa. He gives praise and talks of skating Tampa with former Birdhouse teammates, Paul Zitzer and local powerhouse Mike Frazier. Tampa was fortunate to make history as Tony set his sites on Tampa as the place to ride away from the first ever kickflip 540. Tony notes the importance of the contests and to "...witnessing some of the heaviest street events..." and gives respect to Eric Koston, Tom Penny, and Kareem Campbell. Not wanting to miss Tampa Pro 1998, he took a red-eye flight showing up to practice before the park even opened. Later that day he won Tampa Pro and was immediately back on a plane to skate X Games that same day. Sit back and enjoy another experience from one of the greatest contributors to skateboarding of all time.
Skatepark of Tampa is celebrating 20 years of skateboarding. Countless memories have been created over the past two decades, and to help relive those experiences we asked 20 pros, ams, and industry leaders to share their SPoT stories with us.

Check out the Intro Episode to explain the 20 year Experience. Check out all the "20" Year Experience videos here.


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