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What's Up Posts Made 4/2008

Does The Hub Have a Website?

No, I Am Not Paid By The Hub

Statistics and Skate Nerds

I Like Sober Dudes That Always Seem Wasted

Mad Clicks


Hollywood Aftermath


Serious Foot Fetish


Hurry Up Before Officer Doofy Eats Them

Clem's Chill Cam Dump

Sales Pitch Alert


Don't Wear These to the Moat Race

Abdias: Champ of the Tampa Kit

Blame Canada

It's Just a Skateboard Contest

The Real Beverly Hillbillies

Serious Pooping Went Down on 4/20

Toilet Paper Trophies

Time Check


$420 on 4/20 at 4:20

When The Math Geek Tries To Get Artsy


Kickflip Indy Airs Disrupt Games of SKATE on the Flat

Take the Ax Away From Oliver

In Hollywood With The Party Team = Danger

That Special Time of Year Once Again

Damn, Brandon!

Brandon Turner is Amazing

Tiny TV

I'm In That One Uptight State

Jet Lag Four Times in One Week

Jump Down Stuff

Phoenix Am Story and Photos

Takin' Care of Bid'niss

Die Non-Shredders

Intimate With Ed Results

Word to the Wise: Don't Ever High Five a Cactus


That's Why I Still Skate

Nerd on a Plane

Who Wants To Play a Game of SKATE When I Get Back?

Nice Cactus

More Skate Nerdness

Back To Lighting Cigars With Plain Old Matches

Back Up In Your Ass With The Resurrection


I Just Lit a Cigar With a Hundo

Remember How to Spell Derewenko

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