Damn Am Woodward West 2012

Posted on Monday, October 15, 2012 by Rob

We kicked the weekend off with a Mini-Ramp Jam where Charlie Blair shined. That's a bean plant to fakie.
Charlie Blair floats frontside.
Anthony Estrada - nollie backside 360 heelflip.
Anthony's little brother grew a couple feet since last year. That's a hardflip to fakie.
Who Dat? Back smith.
Derek Elmendorf - nollie nosegrind.
Who Dat? Front feeble.
Who Dat? Heelflip back lip.
Knibbs over the bench while the Media Team documents.
Mike D's sequence of Jereme's back lip up and down.
DJ Wade disrespecting the electronics as usual.
Porpe didn't walk away with the cash put up for him to ollie onto the roof, but at least we walked away with his life.
Porpe's antics inspired a Best Trick Contest to the roof. Zane's got a 360 flip up there.
The west coast's best air babies took it to the vert ramp for a Contest. Jagger here is more than an air baby. He's got the ATV set.
Zane's also an ATV.
And here's how Porpe runs the Contest using our Scoreboard iPad app. Wait, that's Twitter.
It was a long day and that results in lazy picture snapping in this stance. That's Nitro Circus on some flippity madness.
Trey Wood - this kid has the properly tweaked out airs.
The Vert winners with DJ Wade photo bombing.
Pause for a SPoT staff session. Ryan Clements has a boneless over the gap.
HiDefJoe kickflipped it.
And of course, I have to meron grab it.
Ryan Townley boosted his boneless a little higher than Clem.
Ryan has the backside 180 nosegrind every time.
Everyone's favorite for the weekend was Blake Johnson aka Baby Kenny Hughes. He also won the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Who Dat? 360 flip down the stairs.
The crowd in the convenient shade zone. Thanks to all the familes and friends that came to watch.
Baby Kenny - kickflip crooks.
Vern is cracking himself up on the mic, and hopefully you, too.
Adriano Lachovski - nollie frontside noseslide.
Baby Kenny - rightfully deserved Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Thanks Austen Seaholm for hanging out all weekend. No, he didn't throw it.
Picomano is so hyped to be skateboarding. Thanks for being a part of what we're doing with Damn Am. See you in Tampa!
Picomano won Best Trick with this inward heelflip lipslide.
PIP is going straight to the Semi-Finals at Tampa Am this year for getting 2nd place this weekend.
Adriano made this 360 flip lipslide first try in his Jam.
Thanks to the whole Brazilian crew that came to the woods for Damn Am Woodward West.
We first met Anthony Anaya way back in 2009 at Damn Am Minneapolis. He has since done grow'd up, come into his own style, and is killing it. He won this weekend's Damn Am at Woodward West. You'll be seeing him and PIP automatically in the Semi-Finals at this year's Tampa Am 2012 in December. Thanks Woodward West for hosting the last Damn Am of the year. Get full results from the weekend here: Damn Am Woodward Results including Zumieze Destroyer Award and Skullcandy Best Trick.

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