Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013 Presented by Volcom

Posted on Friday, March 8, 2013 by Pat

Photos and Words By Pat Stiener and Chris Kelly

Video by HiDefJoe

SPoT Life: Sunday Finals

Our first event of the year couldn't have went better. Damn Am Costa Mesa Presented by Volcom is officially a wrap. Sunday was an amazing day filled with some incredible skateboarding in the Finals and Best Trick. After everything was said and done Curren Caples came out on top, earning first place and a shortcut straight to the Semi-Finals of Tampa Am. Congrats to Brodie Penrod for taking the Best Trick, and Dashawn Jordan for winning the Zumiez Destroyer Award. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported. We are already looking forward to next year's event. Check out some photos below.
Casey Wayne holding down the SPoT tent all weekend.
Hi-Def Joe busy at work with Andrew Cannon.
Ryan Reyes and Trevor Colden are down with us.
Thanks for the slices Pizzanista.
Our new friend Lawrence spraying up some fresh Spank Grip.
The Curren Family.
Ain't nobody f-n' wit my clique.
Sierra and her boys.
Alex Midler and Trevor Colden chilling under the SPoT tent.
Alex stole the camera and came back with a few photos.
This is the first one he shot.
Inside there was a lot of ripping going on, Jereme Knibbs has this switch wallie 180 every try.
Anthony Anaya back tail into the bank.
Adriano Lachovski cramped up so bad he couldn't walk off the course after his run. No problem, Dave Duncan and Mickey Reyes got it covered.
Brodie Penrod - backside 180 nosegrind back to forward.
Dashawn Jordan was crushing it all weekend long, thus earning himself the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Brodie Penrod's kickflip back tail kickflip out down the hubba took the top spot in the Red Bull Best Trick Contest.
Congrats to Damn Am Costa Mesa winner Curren Caples.

How Curren Won It

SPoT Life: Saturday at Damn Am

SPoT Life: Friday at Damn Am

SPoT Life: Damn Am Day One

Day one here at Damn Am Costa Mesa Presented by Volcom is a wrap. After a rainy start, the clouds cleared up and the skating commenced. Today was Qualifiers with about 100 skaters ripping through a jam format. The top 16 move on to Sunday for the Semi-Finals. Curren Caples destroyed the course earning himself the Golden Ticket and a spot straight to the Finals. Get full results from Friday's Qualifiers right here and check out some photos below.

Saturday Qualifiers were insane with everyone battling for the golden ticket. Ultimately Brodie Penrod pulled it out in the end with a backtail kickflip out down the hubba. The course was being destroyed inside, while the shenanigans carried on outside at the Wheel of Fortune tent. Get full results from Saturday's Qualifiers right here and check out some photos below.
Anthony Estrada's got a proper frontside flip down the stairs.
Backside 180 nosegrind down a round rail is a tough one, not for Trevor Colden.
Ethan Loy's got all the fakie tricks down the rail.
Casey Wayne on operation cleavage.
The scene outside, where everyone was aiming for one spot on the Wheel of Fortune.
Someone hit the lottery.
Sierra sandwich with Ryan Reyes and Trevor Colden.
Swiss Bearings are almost as good as a kiss from Sierra.
Keith from Independent drove the truck down from Santa Cruz.
Catch Holmes at the Legendary Vert Session at Tampa Pro in just two weeks.
Mic-e, we better see you at Tampa Pro for our 20 Year celebration.
Robbie Russo's knuckles say it all.
A view of the course that will be shredded throughout the weekend.
Your hosts for the weekend, Andrew Cannon and James Craig.
Woodward West 1st place qualifier Adriano Lachovski has a nice switch heel.
Luke Hampton blasts a frontside flip over the Volcom Stone channel.
You name it and Brodie can do it in or out of a back tail.
Red Bull girls represent.
Step right up and spin the Wheelbite of Fortune.
Everyone's a winner.
Chase Webb and Nyjah Huston are here holding it down.
Skater of the Year David Gonzalez is down with us.
Golden ticket winner Curren Caples with a back smith through the corner.
Casey Wayne gets turnt up with Waylon Jennings thanks to his Loud party horn.
Mandatory Cee-Lo sessions.
Schaefer took the crew out to Outback.
Sierra joined us for dinner, Casey Wayne and myself were there too in case you don't notice us.
Jared Lucas from Bones joined us as well.
Family photo out front of Outback.

Not Rob's Cell Phone Edit

Rob couldn't be at Damn Am Costa Mesa 2013 presented by Volcom so we took over and made our own cell phone edit.

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