Damn Am at Volcom 2007 Chill Time

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Dirty Bird continues to travel the world with us at all these skateboard shindigs. Dirty has been through hell and back while partying with DJ Wade back there
The beer collection box actually worked. Thanks for the round-up
Foot fetish with Malcolm Watson who now rides for World Industries shoes. Yep, they make shoes
The free food was better than most weddings I've been to. Free food, free drinks, great skating, no VIP because everyone's VIP, no wristbands for different social status, no cost to get in, no meathead security jocks, and a damn good time with damn good friends. Plus we can play any music we want and cuss all day long on the mic. The Damn Am at Volcom is one of the best and most laid back skateboard shindigs of the year
Skatepark of Tampa Party Team champ, Braydon Szafranski, along with Dirty Bird were guest MC's for a bit
Chris Pastras spent some time on the mic also with his new pup
They're going to hell with me
Foot fetish with some green pants and leopard print
More indoor California smoking with Dom Johnson and Shuriken Shannon
The MTV crew was super nice and easy to work with. That's Christine with this wireless monitor thing that shows what the cameras are currently shooting. The gadget geek in me was amazed
Stickers come in real handy when you want to become instantly 21
I returned to my room one night and found a full blown party going down. This is how I got banned for life at the Ramada a couple years ago. That's where most people from the Contest stay. Since I'm not allowed there anymore, I have a room down the road at Travelodge. Luckily, no one got thrown out this time
If you're an MTV fan, watch for some stuff from Damn Am on Life of Ryan. The entire Sheckler family was hanging out with plenty of giant cameras and furry microphones following them
I wanna squeeze DJ Wade's turntables
Ya wanna front whaaat??? Jump up and get buck. If you're feelin' lucky duck then press ya luck...

Manny Santiago got buck
Schaefer wore the Elvis suit from early morning Saturday all the way through hanging out at the bar until early morning Sunday. He nearly piled while dropping in on the bank to wall in that outfit
There were a few skate companies with tents at the event and there was also a Party Tent. The occupants of the Party Tent destroyed their home each day every time DJ Wade played some damn good metal
Foot fetish with Elvis and some jungle pants
There was a band and some great art at the Listenow 4 party. Thanks Listen Skateboards for hosting
Here's a small sample of our bar lurking friends in the Elvis shades
Shane Azar is here from Down Under. Check out his ripping footage in the Volcom Let's Live video. That's Steve Stratton from Volcom with him
That's the best Volcom shirt ever made. I had to censor what DJ Wade is holding up for this photo
Willy Akers - high five and thanks for coming to our Contest
Lt. Dangle Schaefer served and protected on the street course
The entire Damn Am staff was Lt. Dangle from Reno 911. Please wear a costume next year so we look less stupid
Red Bull kept both Lt. Dangles on the mic alive all weekend
This guy looks like he usually films NASCAR
Thanks to all the pros that were hanging out all weekend. This is Andre Genovesi and Rodrigo Peterson
Filmer Sara was the Ace of Spades. She's like the daughter I never had. I give her life advice and she goes and does the opposite, but I can't put her on restriction
So Adam Dyet is riding an ostrich, but what's that other dude doing?
SPoTlight Productions head judge and former Foundation pro, Jason Rothmeyer, is Jereme Rogers this year
On the last day, the Party Tent got a little fancy. The still ended up destroying it
Brian Young from Split and Brian Howard from Fallen joined Jason Rothmeyer as judges. Thanks for dressing up!
Someone owes the hotel a new bedsheet
Chris Mendes won the Darkstar Best Trick with a kickflip backside tailslide big spin out
Top three were Scott DeCenzo, Chazz Ortiz, and Ryan DeCenzo
During Best Trick and the product toss, we heard some serious metal thrashing
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig
After the Contest is over and everyone's gone, there's still plenty of work to be done. Thanks to our clean up crew here that swept the parking lot for some free gear. They were trying real hard to throw out their gang symbols for the photo but couldn't quite get it together