Skatepark of Tampa Annual Free Day 2008

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008 by Angel

During our Annual Free Day at Skatepark we had free food and beverages thanks to Panera Bread, Moe's, Chili's, and Pepsi
We also had the Krux Kickflip Challenge. Here's spectator Oliver Giles sitting in first row
Snowy flip
Rental flip
Who dat?
Who dat?
Jeremy Knibbs
Robbie Kirkland
PJ Castellano
Winners - PJ Castellano (1st) and Robbie Kirkland (2nd)
We sold some raffle tickets for some cool prizes to help kids with cancer. All proceeds went to the Children's Cancer Center
Here's the firt batch of winners from the raffle
Taylor "Baby Thomas" Foresman - backside overcrookery
Justin Pelland - kickflip front board
There was a Westside Demo right after the Krux Kickflip Challenge. This is Mike Espinosa
Who dat on the frontside flip?
Yonis Molina - tre flip from high to low
Mike still has the hardflip on lock
The man behind Westside, Mr. John Montesi, with a wallride mute-yanker out
Westside product toss
Second batch of the raffle winners
See, even with a broken leg you can still donate money for kids with cancer and come up on a SPoT backpack full of goodies
Julian Wiser delivered the prize to this little winner
This guy really increased his odds with all of those tickets. Thanks for everyone who showed up and gave money for the kids with cancer. Congratulations to all of those that came up on some prizes. 'Til next year...

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