Arrival in Rotterdam 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Arrival in Rotterdam 2009

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The course is all downhill. Right now it's Friday before the Contest and the rain clouds are closing in. We'll see how it goes tomorrow
There are lots of brick on this side of the world. Great spots with rough ground. Better than no spots, though
It's about a six block skate from our hotel to the Contest site. It's fun unless you have an 80 pound backpack
This bridge has some old guy friendly spots at the base
That's Tim Zom, Rotterdam local, on a back smith at the Contest site
Look at that bank spot. How are you going to get to it?
Another view of the bridge
The architecture here is a mix of old and modern
There are canals running through Rotterdam, but nothing like the ones in Amsterdam
Seven dudes in a water taxi cruising the canals of Rotterdam on their way to dinner. How romantic
This building looks like they just stacked a new one on top of an old one
Another spot good for the old dudes
Good thing these wooden planks go in the right direction for skating this ledge
There's also a drop off ledge at this spot
There will be about 30 more photo of this bridge before the weekend is over
Dylan Perry is on this Euro adventure with us. After Rotterdam snaps, it's Barcelona snaps. If I don't make that bump to bar ollie, I'm getting my legs amputated
I really need to do something about my weirdo eating habits. Most normal people would enjoy the food here. I look at it and almost puke. Good thing it was only $56 a person for this sketchy stuff here and a small chicken dinner. That's Monika and Miriam with us - they're the ones who hired SPoTlight Productions to run this shindig. Thanks for bringing us out to your city
After dinner we had a fun skate across the bridge
Jason Rothmeyer hot footing through the streets of Rotterdam in the bike lane. Some dude almost clotheslined us for going the wrong way
We're now at the Contest site where they are feeding us well (unless you're a food weirdo). We are currently doing anti-rain dances. Wish us luck. When was the last time you've seen water in a carton? Check back later for more coverage from Rotterdam Grand Prix


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