Trip Park and Tampa Art Museum Construction Update: October 2009

Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Here's a wide view of what's going on down there. Doesn't look like much progression. I guess they have put all the work in to the two buildings you can't see to your right

This area is known as Trip Park. It's not looking much different than before. It could be the world's most expensive putt putt golf course

Apparently this is going to be some kind of new chill out zone for downtown dwellers

Looks like that one Venice Beach spot

Pop out on this ledge if that doesn't end up being a fountain

The birds and the bees

The Amphitheater is still there

Looks like it's going to be grass in those beds. New spot potential is not looking good

Let's shoot a firecracker sequence from my balcony

There's a pool in my backyard. Luckily it's filled with water so I actually get in it

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