Extremely Sorry Premiere Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Extremely Sorry Premiere

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

The bank left behind by our BMX buddies was put to use by Jereme Knibbs with this boardslide transfer
Robbie Kirkland got tech on the BMX buddy bank with a proper hardflip manual
Jereme got in a manual combo on the BMX buddy bank with a manual rock to fakie manual
All the kids enjoying the video
Porpe throwing the product out
One kid came close to getting trampled for a Flip shirt
Another kid seemed a little too excited to get a shirt
Porpe set up a sudden-death-style Sk8 Dice game for kids to win a board
The Sk8 Dice game Porpe set up was $2 to enter, with all the proceeds going to Boards for Bro’s
The lucky deck winner from the Sk8 Dice game
Flip's latest offering to the skateboarding community premiered in Tampa on Friday the 9th. As we all expected, totally gnarly. In the Shop, from open to close, kid poked and prodded about the video. "What time is the video starting?" was a pretty common question throughout the day. I can't blame them. I was curious too. And no one was disappointed.

The video starts out with a fitting tribute to Flip's fallen friend Shane Cross, showing all of his amazing unseen footage before his untimely passing. Geoff Rowley came out swinging with insane ditch skating and even had a few Arto Saari clips in the mix. And the song was a cover of soul music classic "Stand by Me,” done by Motorhead. Bob Burnquist takes his mega ramp wizardry to unimaginable new heights. Rodrigo TX brings technical ledge skating forward with spins in and out and ridiculous (in a good way) four-trick manual combos. The young kids, Curren Caples and Louie Lopez, show they're small kids, but also proper ams on big companies. Luan Oliveira dropped jaws with a relatively short part full of crazy technical tricks at some infamously gnarly spots. Mark Appleyard came out with a proper part solidifying his near veteran status on a board. Rob's favorite vert skater, Rune Glifberg, had an amazing part with concrete parks and vert ramps mixed together showing his versatility. Lance Mountain has a part filmed completely in a backyard pool built specifically for the video. It even looks like he's wearing the same clothes throughout the entire part...I'm told he filmed it all in one day. Amazing. It's great to see Lance isn't content to frontside grind his way through the back end of his career. Tom Penny stepped out with his unusually smooth brand of skating on street with some tranny in the mix as well. Tom doesn't disappoint in the least. Ali Boulala has a part of classic footage blended with more recent clips to produce a part Boulala fans will definitely appreciate.

After the video we had a game of Sk8 Dice for an Extremely Sorry Flip deck and one lucky kid came away with a sick board. After that, SPoT team skaters Robbie Kirkland and Jereme Knibbs skated the moveable bank left behind by our BMX buddies and we got the photos to prove it.

Great job, Flip. Another video with amazing footage. Totally worth the money, and we have it in the Shop and online right now.


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