DP in SD with MD

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2009 by MikeD

By Michael Derewenko

DP Glamour shot.

This rough transition is right on the side of a busy road, not the safest place to be shooting your board into the street.

Skating into a steep hill at night, also sketchy. Dylan 360 flips into a hill bomb.

We had this grand plan of timing the train in the background, but the better photo ended up not even having it in there.

Wall surfing, catch some concrete bro.

There's a couple things to skate at this spot, but Dylan warmed-up with an ollie over the bar that poses no realistic use.

I remember seeing the bar bouncing up and down every time DP would get on and off of this sketchy bluntslide transfer.

Alternate angle of the wallie.