Clem Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2010 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

When Rob and I went to LA last week, I flew out a day early to have a couple of meetings. I found myself with some free time in between meetings, so I made the best of my day when I was out there. Then the following weekend there was a motorcycle rally in Leesburg, Florida, which is about two hours north of Tampa if you take the back roads. Check out some pics of more of the endless good times...

After arriving in LA at 9am and promptly getting the rental car, I posted up at this joint for some breakfast and computer time. You don't see restaurants that advertise those four particular dishes together in Florida.
In the early afternoon I headed over to Venice Beach to check out their new skate park.
There are a lot of bowls. I totally dig it, but they really missed the mark for the street kids.
Look at the first guy I run into that I knew. What's up Chad Fernandez!
Skater Profile: Chad Fernandez
And then I ran into Floridian Nolan Lee. That water in the background is not as nice as it looks.
Skater Profile: Nolan Lee
Later that afternoon I drove up to Simi Valley to hang out at Skatelab. This is DVS TM Gabe Clement with a feeble grind over the little spine that's very neatly placed into the street course.
Skater Profile: Gabe Clement
Donovan (formerly of The Berrics) was there.
Skater Profile: Donovan Strain
I was King of Skatelab for a moment.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
This is Brian Anderson's actual Skater of the Year trophy. Todd from Skatelab is a collector and someone offered to sell it to him, so he bought it. BA apparently knows that Todd has it, but hasn't reached out to get it from him yet.
Get yo' medical marijuana card!
This is supposed to be really good for your back.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
Switching gears here...we stopped at IHOP on the way to Leesburg the following Saturday. Have I ever mentioned how much I like the Nut & Grain pancakes there? Rob likes to call them "sticks and dirt."
Arriving in Leesburg and heading down Main St., this what we saw: White trash with a couch on the front porch. Check out those curtains, too. Jenna was like, "Where the hell are we?" "Not LA, I can tell you that much," was my response.
This is as artsy as I get. It was hot in Leesburg and Justin was still bundled up from the ride up from Tampa.
There were a lot of bikes there. This about half a mile before we even got to the main strip.
I like this one...check out the Sector 9 wheel that's being used to keep the chain from riding on the frame.
If I wasn't marrying Jenna, I might have to go after this chick after seeing this tattoo.
Not cool for any reason at any time.
Tas is not really cool for any reason at any time either, except in actual cartoons.
Aw hell yeah. This trike fits in perfectly in Leesburg.
This is pretty much one of the gayest things that I have ever seen. It was a Harley Davidson Drill Team, which breaks down to a bunch of overweight old guys riding in circles.
Now this was not gay in the least. These guys are a stunt team that ride motorcycles in circles around this thing. Super-gnar.
I wonder how long it takes to learn this. So badass and we talked to the guys afterwards...very cool dudes.
As you can see, this is a suped-up go cart and he's grabbing money from the people up top as he rides in circles. He did it until there was no money left.
This is an old Harley Davidson dirt bike from the 70's that these stunt guys are transforming into a bike they can use.
As I was shooting this picture, there was a member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club looking at me all weird. I looked at Justin and he looked at me and we kept walking with the girls. That's when we realized that there were a few Outlaws, another Motorcycle Club, and enemies of Warlocks, behind us.
This is the first time I've ever seen a Pagan's Motorcycle Club member in person. I've seen a "Gangland" documentary on them on the History Channel, but I thought they were a club from the northeast part of the US.
The Pagan's came into the bar we were in and then went back out front. This was moments before the Outlaws came up and words were exchanged. I'm so into this kind of fascinates me.

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