Chingrish and Facilities Tour of Woodward Beijing Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chingrish and Facilities Tour of Woodward Beijing

Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I think that stands for Big F'in Skate Park. It's large and lots of the obstacles are small. That makes for an all day good time for non-superhumans like us.
The detail they put into the surface is amazing.
The floor and many of the bank ramps are marble because it was cheaper than Skatelite. All of these ramps and obstacles are connected with the best legit ground you've ever been on.
Hopefully vert foam pits allows one of these Chinese acrobats to become the new Christian Hosoi. We're overdue for one. Zach Miller doesn't need those.
Skater Profile: Zach Miller
Now that's a playground.
There's no shortage of labor here. The hotel, the restaurant, and the skate park all seem to have a huge crew of staff doing something at all times.
There's an amazing outdoor plaza, too. It was converted to being skateable from an existing one that used to be here.
That rail and medium three were already there and are now part of the plaza.
Skate photos coming up once everyone else gets into town. It's going to be a ripping session soon.
Birdman is here, too. They made some special arrangements for him, PLG, Neal Hendrix, and the rest of the vert guys in the parking lot out front.
In the restaurant here in the Woodward hotel, the Chingrish is off the chain. After you quit laughing, it's interesting to try to figure out what they were trying to translate. The used the word "puncture" a lot. I wonder if they meant spicy?
Government authorities? I wonder if they were trying to say it's FDA approved?
Lots of food was described as exploding, such as these meatballs.
What are they trying to say about You Country?
"Does the pot to rip the chicken?" Maybe they were trying to say, "Birdman smokes a bunch of weed when he skates the bowl?"
You didn't know vegetarian duck existed. Hippies are hyped.
And finally, where you do find the seafood? On the Auquatic Product Sheet, of course. That's where the valuable fish is.
Tony Hawk and Neal Hendrix are celebrating a birthday tonight. I spy Ryan Sheckler. Yep, there's going to be some amazing doing of the pot to rip the chicken going down.
Skater Profile: Tony Hawk
The cake had some crazy exploding candle on it like the meatballs.
Skater Profile: Neal Hendrix
Neal had a special sign made for himself that says, "Happy Birthday to Neal."
Skater Profile: Neal Hendrix


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