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Posted on Friday, September 21, 2001 by Barak

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can you tell me the best bearings to get because I can't pump on a halfpipe,mini and how do you practice to ollie higher im stuck and do you no any people that build skateparks because we and my friends have no where to skate

My response:

Dear Skateboarder,

I think that I ride some of the best bearings out there, Bones Swiss Ceramics, but they are $99.95 a pop and are not necessarily needed to pump on a vert or mini-ramp. There are plenty of bearings available that are inexpensive and will roll just fine. Try out Bones Reds for $15.95, they're well worth the bread.

Now, for your second question: If you want to ollie higher, practice. It's that simple. Try to ollie over objects for starters. Begin with a crack in the sidewalk, move up to a 2x4, then a board, and so on. Also, try to ollie up curbs, they come in all different heights and sizes. If you know the basic technique for an ollie, you will develop higher jumping skills in time. The best part of practicing is it's fun.

Note: Watch as many skateboarding videos as possible and observe the skaters' feet and body positions when they ollie, it may help.

Here is a list of instructional videos that may help as well:
Your third question is more than a mouthful, but if you're serious, the link to Tim Pain's website is Tim and his crew have built many parks in our wonderful United States of America. Also, check out the video, Thrasher Ramp Plans, for ramp building info.


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