Innetech Check-In: July 7, 2010

Posted on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

If your age doesn't start with a three, then you would most likely benefit from a history lesson on Neil Blender. From what I was told growing up, the lien air was named from Neil spelled backwards. Natas then came along with the melanchollie, later shorted to melon. Melon pretty much became the replacement name for a lein air somehow. Sometime in the last decade, the melon was renamed, but that's another story. Back to Neil Blender. Fast forward to today. Neil colored a new SB Dunk we have in the Shop now. The Dunk Low colored by Neil is the return of the fat tongue to the Dunk. Maybe it's the era I'm from, but I've always thought fat feet look way better than banana feet. Another Dunk High related to it is one colored by the dude doing the Chrome Ball Incident Blog. I wonder if he's friends with the Vert is Dead Blog guy. Anyway, I shot a few photos of those and other randomness while I was back there slaving away in Innetech today.

So I get to work and see this in the corner of my eye. I'm thinkin' Kearley just returned from a camping trip or something.
Oh, they're Habitat shoes.
Well they certainly didn't copy anyone in skateboarding like everyone else. Check the full photo here.
One of these days, I'm going to have to see if these Habitat shoes give you that light footed Janoski step. Check these out here.
Please clock out at Innetech before you mow down bottles of Jack. These are in the corner behind Austin's desk. Inspirational sauce?
Looks like a regular ass skateboard bid'niss office. That's Kearley uploading Habitat shoe photos and thinking about camping.
Skater Profile: Adam Kearley
Another doodle from Kearly. What's he going to put on the tombstone? Hopefully not Habitat shoes. We'll see how they do. Anyone skate a pair of them yet?
Skater Profile: Adam Kearley
Dunk Mid's without the strap? Nice. Get them here.
I've heard good things about the Bruin but haven't worn them yet. Don't get your feets stepped on with these.
The fat tongues are back. Anti-banana feet Rambo lace. Hell yeah. Neil Blender colored these up. Come up here.
Skater Profile: Neil Blender
Maybe I should take a normal photo of a shoe every now and then? Nah, I'll leave that for Kearley.
Oh damn, Kearley's man bun is hyped on the arrival of these. They press down the gas pedal of a PT Cruiser like no other. Check out these Converse here.
Skater Profile: Adam Kearley
Has your board ever landed directly on your toe? Maybe these new Converse will help
Who's Jack Percell? I bet he's pro in Brazil or something.
I'll take a pair of these and a cruiser board with no grip. Watch me and my man bun ride off into the sunset.
And there's the Chrome Ball one. Grown up skate nerds that once owned copers are thinking Airwalk when they see this one. You're going to have to come into the Shop for this. See you there.
Skater Profile: Neil Blender

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