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Clem Crappy Copenhagen Clips

Posted on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

Brian and I stayed behind in Copenhagen while the rest of the crew took off on Monday after the event. Our mission was to host a few demos and then a small contest at this thing called Roskilde Festival. I had no idea that we'd be announcing for the Girl and Anti Hero guys while they were finishing up Beauty and the Beast. Check out some pics of the rest of the trip.

Schaefer makes some office space from an old couch out back of Copenhagen Skatepark.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Straight from the Skatepark over to Roskilde to host the Beauty and the Beast Demo. Rick McCrank - stalefish.
Skater Profile: Rick McCrank
Tony T. was there. I'm sure he was wondering what the hell Brian and I were doing there announcing for them. Surprise for all parties involved!
Skater Profile: Tony Trujillo
Schaefer and T-Mo. T-Mo was in rare form. I asked, "What drugs is he on?" The reply, "None. Just beer." Wow. It must have been a lot of them.
After the Demo we did a "skate race" with some of the locals and gave out a bunch of beer.
The blue people tried to kidnap Schaefer!
Hanging backstage with Vince Alvarez while Peter Hewitt reviews his passport and John Alden rolls something up.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
Sam Smythe, Frank Gerwer's Nose, Frank Gerwer.
Skater Profile: Frank Gerwer
Then someone got duct taped to the railing. When they went to take him down, I busted out my pocket knife and they were like, "Where the hell did you get that?!?!" like it was a big deal. That's when I found out that carrying a pocket knife is illegal in Denmark. Oops.
Mike Carroll looking to give me a high five with Clint Peterson about to shotgun a beer.
Skater Profile: Mike Carroll
These guys were prepared for anything and everything. This is really only skimming the surface of the ridiculousness of Roskilde Festival.
Skater Profile: Shaun White
The next day we did a little jam and best trick contest. This Alex kid actually made this fs flip over the rail. There were literally thousands of spectators.
William from Copenhagen Skatepark put his fancy lens on my chill cam. Thanks for the amazing hospitality, William!
1st - 100 beers - Mads Christiansen; 2nd - 50 beers - Michael Nielson; 3rd - 50 beers - Soren Balder. Yep, those were really the prizes. Just so you know, it's legal to drink at 16 in Denmark, so there was nothing shady going on.
The vert demos were next. That's Juergon Horwarth from Berlin. He's got some of the best style in skateboarding.
Skater Profile: Juergon Horwarth
Sam Beckett from England with a lien melon. Check out the crowd and the giant TV screen in the background.
Skater Profile: Sam Beckett
The tent city went on and on and on. There were nearly 100,000 people at Roskilde Festival.
Hanging with the locals behind the scenes. It really smelled like piss in that tent. There simply aren't enough bathrooms for 100,000 people to use, so people literally piss anywhere. I've never seen so many dongs. No joke.
If I had to explain, you wouldn't understand. Hell, I don't even understand, but that's Schaefer!
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Finally heading home and ran into Rudy Johnson playing guitar at the gate in Copenhagen airport.
And then once I'm on the plane, Pedro Hewitt walks by...ends up he, TNT, Carroll, Howard, Rudy, Meza, Morford, and a few others were on our flight back to ATL.


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