Emerica's Stay Gold Premiere at The Bricks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Emerica's Stay Gold Premiere at The Bricks

Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Complimentary sauce courtesy of Emerica, everyone in your crew, and a damn good skateboarding movie. If you were here, thanks for stopping by.

I stopped by that one 35-year-old skate relic on the way to the premiere.
Our neighbors down the street have a slightly different menu. At least they probably don't have raw tomatoes on everything.
Local residences in Ybor.
FSEC members Angel and Ichabod don't look like they miss Innetech, Skatepark of Tampa's back offices where we slang inventory transactions.
Skater Profile: Angel Carela
A typical Florida evening during this time of year involves a flash flood type storm out of nowhere. Good thing I didn't get caught in this rolling with camera gear.
Wizard Smoke says he's donating to Locks of Love. What poor kid is going to have that chin forest on their head?
Skater Profile: Wizard Smoke
Remember the challenge from Stalker Steve to Body here about becoming skinnier than Body? This is Body. Get to work, Stalker.
Skater Profile: Scotty Conley
Free sauce session warm-ups before the video.
It was packed in front of the projector in the back.
The video also played in SPoT Skate Shop next door.
Brian's dog, Knuckles, patiently waits as usual.
Al Bow, also of the FSEC, tonight was the MP3J as Body kept shouting.
I bet the kitchen was a little stressed tonight.
I spy Dylan Rieder's dad.
The video is starting! Oh wait, sound difficulties. Okay, the video is starting, damn, hold on a second, sound problems. Okay, the video is starting! Thanks for your patience.
Brian loves to pick up trash, clean things up, rearrange stuff, and help people out. When we're in the thick of busy times running a skateboarding contest, he'll just blow through my desk like a street sweeper moving stuff, cleaning it off, and attempting to create order. I wonder if he does that to customers' tables at The Bricks.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Duffy, Edwin, and Chad. They all just watched Andrew Reynolds close down the video. They're probably all about the same age as Andrew Reynolds. Can you imagine any of these dudes frontside flipping a 16 set?
Bobby, are you an MP3J, too?
Brian and some Bostonians. We will have a new sign soon, although the crusty temporary one is kind of nice.
Ricky Martin and his lady.
Skater Profile: Ricky Martin
Meanwhile, the neighbors are getting nekkid out front as usual.
This should have a toilet on it - cowboy kickflip attempt by Ricky Martin. Good night ya'll.
Skater Profile: Ricky Martin


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