Street League 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Street League 2010

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I think I prefer the artist's rendition version of this photo rather than the photo. It's good to know that if I ever miss any photos in the future, I know I have the skills to simply redraw the scene.
Skater Profile: Dylan Rieder
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: Only one person in all of skateboarding can get away with camo cargo shorts: Tommy Sandoval. Me want Street League!! - Rob
Skater Profile: Tommy Sandoval
Oliver, fellow bid'nissman on the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, and The Professor are using his tape measure for some kind of science right now.
Skater Profile: Oliver Flores
Back at the hotel, fresh puke in the morning is a common sight in front of random rooms.
Recognize this street corner? Koval and Flamingo.
Involuntary foot fetish with Greg Lutzka.
Skater Profile: Greg Lutzka
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: Just got to @streetleague watch out for the hot new obstacle: piranha tank. See Dylan Rieder's shirt for what happens when you fall in - Rob
Skater Profile: Dylan Rieder
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: Exclusive photos of new @StreetLeague uniforms from your cutting edge source for skate news and commentary - Rob
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: I'm shooting with my giant lucky rabbit's foot so I get better photos - Rob
You might have to Google Jack Tripper if you're under 30.
Skater Profile: Brad Staba
Right after the contest Ends, the breakdown begins.
Back in our room, Clements and Porpe are posing for this "before" photo. To get the "after" photo, simply remove all the cash you see.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
Watching something burn down is always interesting. I wonder how many chips were lost.
Ryan Clements' impression of that one guy.
There's a section in Vegas that's like a whole new city. It's amazing what gambling pays for.
Put all your money on black so they can pay the electric bill.
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: Amazing spot in Vegas you will never skate - Rob
Just some random hotel lurking now.
Just some random hotel lurking now.
Just some random hotel lurking now.
I managed to get myself back on the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team this weekend. Got kicked out of the Hard Rock hotel once for trying to sneak into The Pixies show. A little while later, the same bouncer gave us the boot from another area of the hotel because Porpe flipped a table or something. Apparently he photocopied our ID's and we are now banned for a year. Was there an After-Party? I don't know, not sure if we made it or not. I have to return and stay at the Hard Rock next month for some bid'niss talk. Damn, I'm going to have to get my Hollywood disguise on.
Skater Profile: Rob Meronek
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: Lookit how gangster my seats is. I'm the gawddamn drunk Jack Nicholson of skating's NBA @streetleague right now - Rob
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: America, too fat for the stairs. Wow - Rob
Porpe and I pretending we're legit in the press conference room.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: If you see a ring 10 times more iced out than this on streets of Vegas, it's Dyrdek's. He lost his DC ring partying - Rob
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
From SPoTTampa Twitter babble: @streetleague every drink counts. Score on these two was 6.0 dollars. Each. Gawddamnn stadium prices - Rob
Catch Chanel from Fantasy Factory and her thong in Maxim this month. I put her on the spot for some raps and it didn't quite work out in the footage below.
Thanks to DC for dinner in the outskirts of the main strip at a legit old school diner.
The athlete guest bands have a hidden message.
Tommy Sandoval: Me want black.
Skater Profile: Tommy Sandoval

Cell Phone Video Edit: Street League Las Vegas 2010 and Chanel from Fantasy Factory

A few minutes behind the scenes at Street League and trying to get Chanel from Fantasy Factory to rap. She wasn't quite on it today.


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