Damn Am Atlanta Semi-Finals Jams

Posted on Saturday, May 14, 2011 by Rob

Top 10 make the cut to the Semi-Finals.

Jam 1

Chase Webb
Murrieta CA
Element, Active, DVS, Autobahn
Chris Coffman
Atlanta GA
Stratosphere Skateboards, Nike (flow)
Connor Champion
Raleigh NC
Spitfire, Thunder, Vertical Urge Skate Shop, Nike SB, Super, Skate Mental
Timmy Knuth
Melbourne FL
Graffiti Skate Zone, World Industries

Jam 2

Dalton Dern
Orlando FL
Etnies, Orlando Skate Park, Theeve Trucks, Venom Energy Drink, ProTec
Alec Majerus
Rochester MN
3rd Lair, Volcom, Vans (flow), Alien Workshop
Joey Petrucci
Island Lake IL
Warp, 425 Headwear
Sean Powderly
Baltimore MD
3 Rideshop

Jam 3

Connor Askew
Orlando FL
Schtank Skateboards, Orlando Skate Park, DNA Energy Drink
Jereme Knibbs
Tampa FL
Skatepark of Tampa, Altamont (flow), eS Footwear (flow), Pig, Toy Machine (flow)
Jonny Scianneaux
Oviedo FL
Midtown Skatepark
Justin Drysen
Anaheim CA
Civilian Skateboards, Active, Circa (flow), Venture (flow), Bones (flow), Markisa, Kogi BBQ

Jam 4

Corey Glick
Chicago IL
Zoo York (Flow), Rush Bearings (Flow), 425 Headwear, Warp Skatepark, MB Boardshop, Form Wheels
Dan Plunkett
Buffalo NY
HUF, Spitfire, Thunder, Elwood Clothing, Sunday, Skate Mental
John Hill
Columbia SC
Blue Tile
London Davis
Chicago IL
Bones Wheels, I&I Skateboards, Asylum

Jam 5

Joey Pellegrino
Atlanta GA
Given , Globe (flow), ERGO, Siege Audio, Gold Wheels, Progressive Skate Park
Louie Lopez
Hawthorne CA
Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Globe, Indy, Ricta, Mob Grip, Vitamin Water
Marshall LaFrance
Jacksonville FL
Sunrise Surf Shop
Solomon Mosley
Atlanta GA
Given, IPATH (flow), Oakley, Theeve Trucks, Progressive Skatepark, ERGO and SkullCandy

Jam 6

Fletcher Renegar
Ringgold GA
Zoo York (flow), Krux (flow), Bones (flow), Oakley, Gatorade & Progressive Skatepark
Anthony Anaya
Santa Maria CA
DVS (flow), 187, Vitamin Water, One Way, Royal
Dylan Perry
Tampa FL
Alien Workshop, Skatepark of Tampa, etnies, Dakine, Bones, Destructo, Altamont
Paul Hart
Jacksonville FL
8103 Clothing, Cliche, C1RCA, Kona, Vestal, Bones, Usko, MonaVie

Jam 7

CJ Dixon
Cocoa Beach FL
Insight, 5Boro (flow), Fallen (flow), Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), Skatepark of Tampa
Brendon Villanueva
Poway CA
Powell, Bones, Neff, K5
Camilo Melo
Colombia South America
Fun Shop, Vox, Gangsta
Dane Vaughn
Oceanside CA
DGK (flow), Gold (flow), DC (flow), Venture (flow), Grandeur

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