Day-By-Day At Woodward Skate Camp Part Three

Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2003 by Ryan

Day-By-Day At Woodward Skate Camp Part Three
June 13, 2003
Words By Ryan Clements & Photos By Big Dave
Day Five

Tech time Renton Millar – backside flip into the foam pit
     Scotty and I went to bed at the same time last night, around midnight, but he must need 12 hours of sleep to function. I got up at 7:30am and I didn’t see him cruising around Camp until about noon. After answering a bunch of emails and having breakfast, I made it over to Egypt to stretch and meet up with the kids. Renton Millar showed up and we skated a manual pad for about an hour. From there, we made it back up to the Playground and rode the mini. Renton took his street skills to the mini-foam pit and was blasting some gigantic bs flips. It’s cool to see a guy who is primarily a vert skater tear up anything and everything put in front of him.

Backside method on the Rock
     Since it had finally stopped raining, I was supposed to meet Renton and James Kennedy for a game of Paintball, but I got caught up at the Rock and started talking to Frazier. When Frazier and I start talking, we’re like a couple of high school, chatty-Cathy girls. In between gabbing, I would take a couple of runs. Frazier watched for a while and when the hunger set in we headed over to grab some grub for lunch.

     The next few hours were spent doing some serious gossiping with the Frazier family and Trevor Ward, which is probably more interesting than this article, but there’s no way I’m going to let you guys in on how the skateboarding industry works. Mid afternoon arrived and we headed up to check out the camper mini-ramp contest. I somehow got coerced into announcing, which was fine with me. But they chumped me out and only gave me a megaphone instead of a real PA! Surprise, surprise...Grant took first and Jeremy grabbed second in the advanced division.

Crabwalk in action Crabwalk aftermath
     Every week that Frazier attends camp, he brings a ton of product to give away. The normal product toss deal goes by the wayside for an uphill crabwalk gimmick. He makes all of the kids line up and a grass field gets covered with everything from stickers to decks to clothes. The farther you crabwalk, the better the prizes. At this point in the late afternoon, it was getting REALLY cold. What the hell was going on?

     From there I headed over to answer some emails and write some of this article. I’ve seen people go stir-crazy at Woodward in the past. For some reason, being removed from ‘normal’ society and stuck at Camp for weeks on end, understandably takes its toll on the average person. Fortunately, I had my computer that kept in touch with normalcy.

     I actually got so involved with writing that I missed dinner. Duh. I had to go into the back of the kitchen and ask the employees if I could please have some leftover chicken wings. They obliged and I ate dinner with Dave Malinsky, who was still hanging in the cafeteria. That was where I formally found out Dave was never hung over, because he’s never touched a drop of alcohol in his life. I thought that he was messing with me, but then I was finally convinced that he just has a knack for looking hungover. After too many chicken wings, Dave and I skated the small outside bowl until it got times.

The lip synch contest Kevin Sullivan is a star
     Considering that there is not a bar at Camp, the highlight of the evening was watching Kevin Sullivan in a lip synch contest with the gymnastics campers. For some reason, the gymnastics instructors are called “gymnasties.” I didn’t make it up; I just heard it. Good night.

Jeff Fultz - backside tailslide big spin Harlan Hodges thinks he's Mike V. Helmets on everywhere at Woodward - Scotty Conley
Matteo - frontside smith
This is Squirrels, the sketchiest dude alive Skatepark of Tampa shirt = photo on the site Justin Collier from Lake Mary, Florida – wall jam foot plant Jeff Fultz – backside flip
Anthony Furlong - frontside ollie on the resi vert ramp
Grant Taylor - transfer
Cameron Dell from Tennessee - heelflip
Jeff Fultz from Lakeland, Florida - 360 flip
Anthony Furlong trying to join the Metal Militia
James Kennedy - frontside rock in the Playground
Parker Landers from Florida - nosegrab
Grant Taylor – kickflip to flat on the Rock
Trevor Ward going down under
Matteo – backside lipslide

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