CONS Coastal Carnage 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

CONS Coastal Carnage 2011

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We will start this off with a photo from the Instagram account of Brian Schaefer aka "dailybs" as he goes by on there. He's no Ed Templeton on The 'Gram, but he does have some pretty good ones. You need an iPhone to play in this game.
Welcome to the beach.
If I had a lens like this, I'd attach a camera body shaped like a tank to it.
Matt Milligan ain't scared of shorts. That's one top quality dude right there.
Nice bumper stickers, brah.
Mike Peterson getting blunted with the rest of this surf town.
A small sample of the crowd. Even in a super large sample of the crowd, you cannot find a black person anywhere. Pretty weird.
Good to see Robbie Russo back in the bowls.
Omar Hassan - method tweaker to fakie.
Angel Ramirez's image does not fit with the dog that we was walking around. Look at that shadow - great frontside air.
Sexy cell phone holster.
The scene at the pier where everyone was watching people stand on water.
There was a lot of that.
No one has ever taken this photo.
Lance Mountain and Brian Schaefer.
My office for the day had a nice view, but other than that, it was a rough day at the office. Long story.
Collin Provost wiped the dome clean.
Steve Luther and Dave Swift.
Not the best photo of Tyler Mumma's back smith around the shell, but I'm just using it because there's a black dude it in.
I spy Pat. I do not spy any black dudes. Frontside Grind Magazine once did a feature on black dudes in the bowl and how unnatural they look. Maybe that's it?
I spy a high top fade. Of course it's not on a black dude. There aren't any here.
Jaws and Jaws. Check Jaws' profile for his amazing new video part. Your jaws will drop.
Abdias Rivera, LBC local these days.
Everybody's way hyped on
Swim to the shore! How appropriate to see Surfer Blood here. The entertainment was as white as the crowd. DJ Wade even got asked to "stop playing that s#!t" when he put some hip-hop on. What's going on with this place?
Amateur crowd surfers were falling on their heads everywhere.
Good seats. Feels like I'm the leader of a Klan rally right now, though.
So that's about half the crowd.
And that's the other half of the crowd.
This dude is trying to drive a golf cart through that thick of people. Is that a black dude by the cart? Nah.
Colin used MGMT in his last video part and here we are seeing them live.
Meanwhile, a hot steamy makeout session is going on. It's a white people thing.
Kalani David turned a lot of heads this weekend. He's only 13 and apparently kills it at surfing. There's no way you can tell that when he skates though because he's really good. Usually it seems like it's the other way around. Good at surfing = wack on wheels.
One morning, the old guys got there before all the madness set in. That's Mike Rogers on a frontside 50-50.
Kevin Wilkins slangs a pen for The Skateboard Mag.
Jesse Fritsch - feeble fakie on the shark pillar.
Our friend Zach here is like Stalker Steve without Honey Buns. They seem to be pretty similar in personalities. Zach got a truck touch on the shark pillar.
Christian Hosoi makes the classic boardslide around the bowl look great.
Another classic, Tony Hawk's backside ollies.
Kevin Kowalski got some frontside airs out of that clam. I spy a cleavage check.
Seeing Lance Mountain and Christian Hosoi makes me feel like a kid again. Nah, I always feel like a kid.
Tom Remilard won the damn thing. Somehow this backside tailslide around the shell is the only photo I got of him, though.
The Editor is giving quite a boost to Birdman's career by giving him his second cover of Frontside Grind Magazine.
Nice hat.
Reality TV has to get their interview in with Tony.
The Coastal Carnage winner is fanning out on the Best Trick winner by asking for an autograph on his board.
Blunt fakie is my trick on everything, but I can't even imagine trying to do it on a damn clam shell. Andrew Langi has it no problem.
If you want to know how to backside boneless, study Ben Schroeder here. No soggy back foot.
Now that's a transfer. Collin Provost jumped the gap diagonally.
I was a little too up close on Tyler Mumma's super speedy crail grab 5-0 to fakie.
Crowd movement.
Raney Beres is another one of those bowl naturals.
Robbie Russo - frontside nosepick on the shark pillar. If that thing scares you like it does me, you can just call it the shart pillar.
Tony won an hour's pay for the Best Trick.
Congrats Tom Remillard.
First he's chillin' with Weezy, then he's with Tony Hawk, and finally Porpe wrapped up the week singing with Cameron Diaz. Wow.
Another celebrity sighting in LAX was Nike Nick. We had to do a foot fetish with those special P-Rod V's.
Oh, and another foot fetish with Koston and Kenny Anderson. Koston's outnumbered with us and all our KA1's on.
One more from the dailybs Instagram feed.

Footage from the Finals

A Few Minutes of Huntington Beach and Coastal Carnage

As seen from my phone: The battle for First Class seating while traveling, good seats at the Surfer Blood show, over 100,000 people at the MGMT show, skateboard madness at the Coastal Carnage contest, and finally, a random run-in with Cameron Diaz at the airport who was on her way to Tampa with us to see her boyfriend.

Some Photos from Earlier Posts

It's the Perfect Man chilling next to the Perfect Website.
The Editor has published a new issue of Frontside Grind Magazine after an overdose of transition at the Coastal Carnage this weekend.
Happy Birthday, Clem. I got you the cover of The Mag.
This 540 is how Tony Hawk won Best Trick.
Yeah, surfers get shark attacks. Whatevs. Caveman skateboarders get dinosaur attacks. Get well soon, Sammy Baca.
The Editor is concerned that the number of inside jokes on recent covers might not bode well for circulation numbers and therefore cause investor consternation. Congrats your first cover, Jesse Fritsch. You've come a long way since the Sprite commercial.
On the last two occasions I've been at a bowl session with Paul Zitzer, he's had an awful collision. Paul's another newcomer to The Mag. The Editor hopes it has the same impact on his career that Skate Master Tate did.


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