Damn Am Canada 2011 Qualifier Jams

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2011 by Rob

Jam 1

Ben Paterson
Toronto Canada
CBMK Skatepark, Toy Machine (flow), Momentum (flow), Volcom (flow), Vans (flow)
Jordan Garland
Detroit MI
Transitions Skate Park
Leo Heinert
New York NY
Savage Wheels, After Midnight Clothing, New Breed Skateboards, Straight Bolts Hardware, CD Skate Shop
Mitch Barette
Venture, Red Bull, RDS, DC, Top of the World Skate Shop, Gold Wheels, DGK

Jam 2

Bobby De Keyzer
Whitey Ontario Canada
Element Canada, DC, Thunder, Scotties Skate Shop, The Rail
JS Lapierre
Montreal Canada
Supra, Deathwish, Indy, Bones, Ultimate, KR3W Denim Co.
Scott Borkowski
Tyler Pacheco aka Manchild
Santa Clarita CA
Push Skate Shop, Vans (flow), Billabong, Habitat (flow), Autobahn (flow), Indy (flow), Paradox

Jam 3

Nolan Waller
Toronto Canada
Hammer Skate Shop
Shayne Eldridge
Converse, Cardinal Skate Shop
Will Marshall
Oakley, DC, Element Canada, Venture, Lucky, Spitfire, Red Bull, Top of the World

Jam 4

Chad Wilson
Peterborough Ontario
SK8MAFIA, Bones Wheels, Theeve, Vans, JSLV Clothing (flow)
Justin Fabus
Brampton ON
Mark Colquhoun
Whitby Ontario Canada
Scotties Skate Shop, Axion (flow)
Pat Tremblay
Montreal Saint-Hubert
Empire, Cliché, Volcom, Nixon, Electric, Ace

Jam 5

TJ Rogers
Whitby Ontario
Circa, Venture, Blind, Diamond, Bones, Red Bull, Scotties Skateshop, Krew, The Rail Skatepark
Tom Mok
Calgary Canada
Element, West 49
William Cristofaro
Empire, Billabong, Spy, DC, Element Skateboards
Zach Cook
Thamesford Canada
West 49

Jam 6

Jacob Williams
Toronto Canada
Deathwish, Shake Junt, MEHRATHON TRADING, Supra (flow), Krew (flow), Adrift Skateshop
Khalil Pidhirnyj-Hutchinson
Mark Shackleton
Stratford Ontario Canada
Mystery Meat Skates
Ricky Gouin

Jam 7

Jon Cosentino
Oakville, Ontario Canada
Globe Canada, SK8Mafia (flow), Hurley, CBMK Skatepark, Momentum (flow)
Lacey Baker
Covina CA
Billabong, Element Skateboards, Indy, Bones (flow)
Matt McFarlane
St. John, Brunswick Canada
Ripper Skateboards, West 49
Ryan Gosselin
Barry Canada
Cyres Skateboards Shop

Jam 8

Jonathan Gonsalves
Toronto Canada
Dogbowl Skate Shop, Dialogue Apparel
Larry Schmidt
Manasquan NJ
...Lost, Pro Skateboard Shop, Autobahn, Vans (Flow), Toy Machine (Flow), Belmar Pro Shop
Ty Peterson
Edmonton Alberta Canada
Blind, Globe, Tensor, West 49
Zack Ferguson

Jam 9

Mike O'Meara
Montreal Canada
Ryan Warrington
Acton Ontario
Tyler McMaster
Bancroft Ontario
Sideshows Wilderness Skatepark

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