SB Chronicles Premiere at SPoT

Posted on Thursday, December 8, 2011 by Porpe

By Porpe

Brian and Rob were holding down the Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 1 Video Premiere at The Bricks. Ryan and I held down the Premiere at SPoT. Just remember that team work makes the dream work.

The screen was huge. We needed some man power to get it properly placed.
David Loy and younger brother Ethan with one of their homies. David and Ethan somehow got word about the cool guy Premiere at The Bricks, but still enjoyed the Premiere at SPoT.
Orlando was representing all weekend long. Here is Chris Blake, Jack Moran, Bert Wootton, and one of their homies.
Courtesy of Nike SB, damn near everyone in the building got one of these Chronicles t-shirts.
Like I said earlier, the screen was huge, and we had a packed house for the Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 1 Video Premiere.
Kaleb Jones, Chase Webb, and their homie (sorry I forgot your name) were chilling with us at SPoT. Maybe next time we will get the cool guy invite at The Bricks to watch the Premiere there.
Mike Rogers and the Grind for Life crew were hanging out at SPoT for the Premiere.
Mr. Norton is one of the loyal parents that support Skatepark of Tampa. Thanks for hanging out all weekend Mr. Norton.
This pictures reminds me of the old Tampa Am parties that were in the warehouse where toilets were being broken over people's head.
Here are a bunch of our locals who got some of the best seats in the house. See you guys at the next All Ages Contest.
D'Andre Pendergrass is always making new friends at our contests. Here he is chilling with South Africa's Dlamini Dlamini.
Abdias caught a last minute flight to come hang out with us during Tampa Am. Good to see you again, Abdias.
Antonio Massey and company were hanging out for the Nike SB Chronicles Premiere.
I spy a free Atomic tattoo.
Here we have Clements chilling with FSEC member Rajeev. Follow him on twitter @RajeevWins.
The Chronicles video was short and sweet. Looking forward to watching it over and over again. Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting Nike SB and Skatepark of Tampa.

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